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are prayers in the form of sound vibrations that calm the mind. The worrying mind can cause all sorts of physical illness. When worries are silenced by the vibrations of the Mantras, the mind becomes happy and peaceful. When the mind is healthy, the body is healthy. It has been scientifically proven that sound vibrations bring soothing effects to anyone with mental afflictions.

Mantras are prayers which invoke the presiding deity whose grace brings health and healing. The grace of the deities remove obstacles caused by the planets or our past karma. Mantra healing is infallible in its result. All that is needed is faith. The more concentration and surrender, the quicker the mantra works.

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is the great life giving Mantra that has been chanted since time immemorial. It is a hymn praising Lord Shiva and is His most beloved mantra. This mantra has exceptional healing powers, is capable of warding off negative influences and granting peace and prosperity. The vibrations of the Mrityunjaya Mantra strengthen the aura and heal both the mental and physical bodies.

Negative emotions and qualities such as anger, grief, depression, mental agitation, attachment and greed, all are alleviated through the chanting of this Mantra. As the Mantra of Lord Shiva, the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra also opens the third eye, the subtle center of Divine Wisdom and Knowledge.

Almost a year ago I met Indi through a friend during a difficult time in my life. I was going through a bad divorce, was under a lot of stress and having serious health problems. Feeling a wonderful radiance and beautiful energy from her, I made an appointment for an hours healing.

The healing was so wonderful, so amazingly powerful. I felt totally charged, suddenly light and at peace. I had been looking for a teacher to teach me healing and bring more balance and clarity in my life. And I knew that I had found my teacher.

I have studied both Reiki and Qigong from her, besides having her feng shui my place. I also get readings done from her regularly. She is such a committed, loving and knowledgeable teacher, always there for her students, sharing all her knowledge with no holding back.

Simple and giving she has a great sense of humor and her classes are such fun! Anyone who thinks that spiritual people are too serious to enjoy life should meet Indi and have an evening out with her. She is amazing fun and an absolute riot!

Diane S

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