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Indira offers her clients a variety of counseling and therapeutic services like Healings, Readings and Feng Shui. Services are administered in person and/or distance contact via email or phone.


Angel Stones 

Angel stones are stones that are charged with the healing power of the angels. Each individual stone is charged with the healing energy for 3 days, to heal specific problems and illness.

Please make only one request since this will help concentrate the energy on a particular need and make the process more powerful.

"Mid pleasures and palaces
though we may roam
Be it ever so humble,
there's no place like home."

-- John Howard Payne


Do you at many times feel tired and exhausted for no apparent reason? Do problems and arguments keep cropping up in your home again and again? Despite your best efforts and sincere hard work, you do not succeed in your career or business? Time and again do you and your family members suffer from health problems and some ailment or other?

The root cause of all these problems lies with the inner space of your building. Or it may be due to negative energy vibrations released by the outside atmosphere. It could be due to a hartman grid, a curry grid or geopathic stress negatively affecting the building. Oftentimes, living in a sick home or working in an unhealthy office can deplete the energy and make a person feel listless and drained.

A house vibrates with various energies and can be either benefic or malefic. It can protect and nourish you with its positive, healing vibrations and help the residents lead a healthy and successful life. But if the energy vibrations are negative then the effect on the residents can be disastrous. There is loss of health, wealth, character and reputation.

Space clearing can rectify the problems and remove the negativity. The new vibration after cleansing of the energy restores energy balance and improves the positive energy vibrations of the building. Thus it succeeds in bringing health, wealth, harmony and peace to the home and business.

Indira Rao
uses powerful techniques from Black Hat Feng Shui and traditions from India for Space Clearing and Energizing. She also uses powerful dowsing methods to cleanse and clear the energy vibrations and make it more positive and healthy.

Schedule a session for Cleansing/Space Clearing or use the Contact Form for more information.

Indi's use of Feng Shui has greatly enhanced both of our businesses. Within a very short time of beginning to make the changes Indi suggested to our businesses, business began to grow at a very steady rate. The energy in the business actually felt much better and most people comment on that. We both highly recommend her services.

She is a very ethical, knowledgeable and caring person. She truly CARES about you and your business. She can definitely help turn your business around if you put into practice what she tells you. We both highly recommend using her services.

Jim Carmichael
General Contractor

Sandy Carmichael, Owner,
Wellness Center, Options 4 Health
Marengo, Illinois


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Indira Rao
Healings, Divinations and Feng Shui Consultant
Illinios, USA

Services are administered in person and/or distance contact via email or phone.