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Listed below are testimonials from Indira Rao's  clients:

"Indira came to me God-sent! I had been operated for Breast cancer less than two years earlier. I had suffered a lot during my chemotherapy, but was recovering nicely. Then one of our common friends introduced me to Indira so I can learn Complimentary Healing from her.

I started learning some of the self healing techniques. Then, on one examination, doctors found that there may have been metastasis. This is when Indira came with full vigor. She is working with me and helping me heal.  I am already feeling better. I do practice the routines she has taught me. She provides me with positive energy and life force that makes me feel better each passing day.

She has convinced me that I HAD (NOT HAVE) cancer. And that is how I feel now. Her strong faith and commitment in my being healed gives me enormous strength, not to speak of all the other benefits I derive from her healing me.  Need I add that my family has become an ardent fan of her methods and hers as a person? Her lively personality inspires hope and confidence.

She has already started healing a friend of mine in India of Pancreatic cancer who was given only 6 months to live but doctors are amazed at his rate of recovery. Looks like he is going to make it.

Lastly I just want to say that she has lots of tools to make a person feel better physically emotionally spiritually and does help people to have positive outlook towards life."

Raksha Trivedi
Lombard, Illinois


Four years ago, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The doctors said that there was no hope of my living. I was desperate since I have a wife and two small children. I also have old parents who live with me.

It was in this stage that I heard of Indira through some friends who studied healing with her. I met her and told her of my condition. She started to give me healing treatments but also warned me that it would take discipline and commitment. I did all that she asked me to do.

Following her advice and guidance strictly. I am now healed and the doctors consider it a miracle. I am grateful to her for saving my life and my family's and think of her as an angel sent by God. I hope many others will be benefited through her healing and love.

Kuala Lumpur


I met Indi after hearing a talk given by her in Kuala Lumpur. I was at a difficult stage of my life. I had lost my job in Singapore, where I was working, and went to visit a friend of mine in Malaysia. I had lost money and important documents on my way to Malaysia and was under a lot of stress and tension. Very disheartened, I went with no interest to listen to her talk just to please my friend.

Something about her, her energy and her compassion affected me and I felt a sense of peace and confidence in her presence. I called her and went to get a reading from her. She gave me excellent guidance and asked me to return to Singapore and also said that my documents and money would be soon found.

As she predicted, the bag which contained my valuables was found. I returned to Singapore as she advised and soon found a very good job and my life has since been getting better and better.

I consult her regularly for guidance and her help has been invaluable. I am grateful to her for all her help.

Jennifer Lu

My 7+ years of association with Indira and her work has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding both from a personal and professional perspective.

Be it Reiki, I Ching, Feng Shui, Tarot Card readings or plain friendly advice, she has been a great confidant rather than a consultant. What started as an acquaintance has turned into a great friendship over the years as she has helped me with my relationships, health, career decisions, and keeping my home environment in harmony and positive energy.

Her psychic abilities and accurate readings continue to amaze me even today. She in an incredibly hard-working and dedicated woman who believes that this gift from God she has was meant to be imparted for the benefit and well-being of others as part of her purpose in life.

I have come across many out there who do this for the money but Indira's integrity is second to none. She is extremely committed to her work, her clients, and in ensuring they leave satisfied after what they came to her for. If there is something she cannot help you with, she has the honesty to tell you so and guide you to where you need to go.

Dubai, UAE


Over the past 5 years, I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of Indi Rao's incredible intuitive gift. Whether it be career, health, residence or even my relationship, Indi has continually provided me with accurate guidance, gentle healing and keen insight.

The extensive knowledge that Indi possesses and generously shares with her clients in the areas of Tarot, I-Ching, Feng Shui, Reiki and Chi Gong are priceless. I am grateful to have Indi in my life as a trusted and respected spiritual advisor and also a dear friend.

Tracy C.
Chicago, Illinois


Indi's use of Feng Shui has greatly enhanced both of our businesses. Within a very short time of beginning to make the changes Indi suggested to our businesses business began to grow at a very steady rate. The energy in the business actually felt much better and most people comment on that. We both highly recommend her services.

She is a very ethical, knowledgeable and caring person. She truly CARES about you and your business. She can definitely help turn your business around if you put into practice what she tells you. We both highly recommend using her services.

Jim Carmichael
General Contractor

Sandy Carmichael, Owner,
Wellness Center, Options 4 Health
Marengo, Illinois



I had the good fortune of meeting Indi early this year.  The first time we met was actually the day she performed the cleansing of our house. The house I refer to is my childhood home, in which I have lived on and off again over the past 18 years.  I no longer have trouble referring to it as "home", given the immense difference I believe the cleansing has made.

Though I had never before taken part in a cleansing, I was able to participate in the ritual with Indi, under her guidance and instruction of course.  It meant a great deal to me to be a part of the entire process.  Not only was she highly knowledgeable in this art (or craft), her explanations were easy to understand and her presence was safe and welcoming. 

She wasn't in any rush through the process, but took her time, focusing on the work at hand, clearly committed to cleansing the whole environment.  Not only did she spend a great deal of time and energy on the cleansing, she was readily available thereafter to check in on the progress, on various feelings, shifts, changes, or lack thereof. 

She was able to address any concerns from continuing with distant cleansing. I believe her presence here, in particular on that day, cleansing this space, has rid various negative elements that have until recently clouded not only activities within the house, but also affected the well-being of those who lived under its roof. 

I have learned a great deal from her in simply knowing her – her knowledge and commitment extend far beyond cleansing, as I have witnessed her teaching of Reiki, her explanations of various Mudras, an I-Ching reading, as well as precise Feng Shui recommendations for this same house. 

I believe in her as a positive presence and resource for all those whose lives she has touched and all those whose lives she will continue to touch.  Keep up the great work!

Neha Vyas,
Lake Forest,

I have known Indira for the past 4 years. I met her through one of the reiki websites.

There are many things to appreciate about her but the most prominent are her dedication and knowledge in healing practices.

I could feel the vibrations of her healing power from the very first day she started the healing.

Myself being a reiki level 2 channel, she has been a guiding guru for me. I am fortunate to know such a passionate spiritual healer, a knowledgeable teacher and a good friend.

Sudhakar Mushti


Indira has given me great guidance on personal as well as professional fronts through a number of highly accurate readings. Four years ago, when things were not going well for me at work, I followed her advice and made some Feng Shui changes to my office. Within a few months, there were major changes around me.
A number of people who did not appreciate my work and were blocking my progress stepped aside and I was put under a new leadership team that took me under their wing and helped my career in a big way. Indira has also done many I-Ching and Tarot readings for me that are always highly accurate. I would
strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance and help in their life.

Prashant P
San Antonio, Texas


Almost a year ago I met Indi through a friend during a difficult time in my life. I was going through a bad divorce, was under a lot of stress and having serious health problems. Feeling a wonderful radiance and beautiful energy from her, I made an appointment for an hours healing.

The healing was so wonderful, so amazingly powerful. I felt totally charged, suddenly light and at peace. I had been looking for a teacher to teach me healing and bring more balance and clarity in my life. And I knew that I had found my teacher.

I have studied both Reiki and Qigong from her, besides having her feng shui my place. I also get readings done from her regularly. She is such a committed, loving and knowledgeable teacher, always there for her students, sharing all her knowledge with no holding back.

Simple and giving she has a great sense of humor and her classes are such fun! Anyone who thinks that spiritual people are too serious to enjoy life should meet Indi and have an evening out with her. She is amazing fun and an absolute riot!

Diane S








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