Angels have the power to channel healing, to inspire you; to comfort you.

Angels can be called upon to help you find answers to questions of love and relationships, life and its purpose, anything that affects you and is important to you. Angels can help you solve your financial problems and also provide a sense of direction.

Deep inside yourself, you have always known, from the moment life began, that you have an invisible friend, to love and cherish you, to guide and comfort you; to keep you inside a circle of protection and to let you know you will never, never, never be alone again.

This invisible friend is your own guardian angel. Your life will change dramatically when you begin to recognize and connect with your own angel. The Angel messengers bring to you the beauty of sunrise, the amazing colors of the flowers and of birds, of clouds and of skies; the smell of Spring rain and an Autumn fire.

If you sense a sudden flash of color, hear music from nowhere, feel a tingling up your spine, have a sudden impulse to run, or to stop, or visit someone, or climb a mountain, do not say "How silly!". Listen carefully. It may be your guardian angel trying to arrange a series of happenings which could change the course of your life.

Angel stones are stones that are charged with the healing power of the angels. Each individual stone is charged with the healing energy for 3 days, to heal specific problems and illness.

If you would like an angel stone, please use the Contact Form to send me your name, age, address and the prayer request for your specific need. Please make only one request since this will help concentrate the energy on a particular need and make the process more powerful.

After you receive the stone, rub the stone often during the day and say a prayer to your angel, stating your problem and asking for help. Be as specific as you can and keep the prayer simple. And then say a thank you prayer. The Angel stone will acquire the identity of your personal angel and will develop a rapport with you and help and guide you.

Request an Angel Stone or use the Contact Form for more information.




Four years ago, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The doctors said that there was no hope of my living. I was desperate since I have a wife and two small children. I also have old parents who live with me.

It was in this stage that I heard of Indira through some friends who studied healing with her. I met her and told her of my condition. She started to give me healing treatments but also warned me that it would take discipline and commitment. I did all that she asked me to do.

Following her advice and guidance strictly. I am now healed and the doctors consider it a miracle. I am grateful to her for saving my life and my family's and think of her as an angel sent by God. I hope many others will benefited through her healing and love.

Kuala Lumpur

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