Indira Rao practices Compass school and Form school Feng shui. Her Feng shui training includes studying from reputed teachers like Lillian Too, Roger Green, Professor Lin Yun, Joseph Yu and William Spear.

She has published many articles in various newspapers on Feng shui and qigong and was a columnist on Feng shui for the reputed Indian newspaper " Deccan Herald" in Bangalore.

Besides being a Feng Shui Master/ Consultant, Indira is also a powerful healer who has studied Reiki, Qigong, Quantum touch, huna, EFT and many healing modalities. She teaches different forms of healing, and also does both distant and personal healing for various diseases.

When I was guided in meditation to pursue the path of healing and become a healer, I was skeptical and wary. With so many excellent psychic, spiritual and energy healers, I felt unsure and unprepared for such a challenging task. And yet the guidance persisted; a loving, gentle but powerful command that refused to go away.  And hence at the command and guidance of the Higher Self, I pursued the path of healing and became a healer.

While in my twenties, I was affected with a very bad case of Rheumatoid Arthritis, which almost left me crippled. It set me off on a healing journey teaching me many lessons, the most important being that a life where pain has not been experienced in some form has not been lived to it’s fullest; that pain and tribulations are life’s ways of shaping and molding our character.

By no means is my intention to glorify pain or embrace it, but to accept it with dignity and courage and do everything humanely possible to come out of it. It was my wake up call. A rude, painful wake up call that left me physically and emotionally traumatized. And yet without this call, my life would have been empty and somehow incomplete. I made a Covenant with the Supreme Power that if I were healed, I would, to the best of my ability, help others to heal. The Covenant was accepted, honored and respected by the Almighty and I now honor my part of it!

My quest for healing has taken me to many healing modalities. Born in India and traveling through other Asian countries for work and pleasure and living in the US has exposed me to the best of both cultures. I consider myself truly blessed for this enriching experience and priceless gift. I have studied many different healing modalities and have realized that the source of all of them is the same.

All healing is Self-healing with abundant support and help from the Higher Power which is referred to in many ways. Different cultures give it different names but the power remains the same; uncorrupted, unbiased and unconditional in its love and compassion. Through all the healing modalities practiced in different parts of the world, this powerful energy heals us in body; mind and spirit if we would only learn to trust, ask and be willing to receive.

My purpose and hope in my healing work is to help you reconnect with that powerful force and start you off on a healing journey; a journey that has no destination since the journey itself is the destination. Even if a few people with so called “incurable” diseases like cancer find hope and courage by starting on such a journey, I would consider my mission fulfilled. I hope to give you hope; hope that life can be lived with more joy, faith that we are not alone and helpless and never will be.

   --- Indira Rao

Indira came to me God-sent! I had been operated for Breast cancer less than two years earlier. I had suffered a lot during my chemotherapy, but was recovering nicely. Then one of our common friends introduced me to Indira so I can learn Complimentary Healing from her.

I started learning some of self healing techniques. Then, on one examination, doctors found that there may have been metastasis. This is when Indira came with full vigor. She is working with me and helping me heal.

I am already feeling better. I do practice the routines she has taught me. She provides me with positive energy and life force that makes me feel better each passing day.

She has convinced me that I HAD (NOT HAVE) cancer. And that is how I feel now. Her strong faith and commitment in my being healed gives me enormous strength, not to speak of all the other benefits I derive from her healing me.

Need I add that my family has become an ardent fan of her methods and hers as a person? Her lively personality inspires hope and confidence.

She has already started healing a friend of mine in India of Pancreatic cancer who was given only 6 months to live but doctors are amazed at his rate of recovery. Looks like he is going to make it.

Lastly I just want to say that she has lots of tools to make a person feel better physically emotionally spiritually and does help people to have positive outlook towards life.

Raksha Trivedi
Lombard, Illinois

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Indira Rao
Healings, Divinations and Feng Shui Consultant
Illinios, USA

Services are administered in person and/or distance contact via email or phone.